Ball Player’s Balm Pro Baseball Glove Conditioner


In our opinion, Ball Player’s Balm Professional Glove Conditioner is the best baseball glove conditioner on the market and is the go-to conditioner for Glovehound. Get some and try it for yourself!

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This conditioner from Ball Player’s Balm is the official Baseball and Softball Glove Conditioner of Glovehound. This excellent baseball glove conditioner has quickly become the industry standard for players and baseball glove repairmen alike. With all natural ingredients, this cleaner will withstand the test of time in the leather care world. This blend is great for use both in-season and off-season and for use on new and old gloves.

This conditioner does a fantastic job of restoring leather to its former glory without adding in excess oil or unnatural, synthetic ingredients that can break down leather over time.

You can use this baseball glove conditioner as often as you like. Due to the natural properties of the conditioner, the leather will not absorb more than it needs. Simply buff the conditioner into the glove with a soft rag or your fingers, wipe off any excess, and you’re good to go!

*Don’t forget to condition the binding and palm – often overlooked, but very important!

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