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Baseball Glove Care Kit

Everything you need for proper baseball glove care!

Baseball glove care is the secret to preventing many common issues. The Glovehound baseball glove care kit includes everything you need to regularly maintain your ball glove.

Properly maintaining your baseball glove gives you more confidence on the field and that means greater performance.  It also saves you money in the long run by helping your ball glove last longer.  Don’t risk losing playing time because your glove gave out.  Get your baseball glove care kit now!

Use our best baseball glove cleaner and brush (along with some warm water) to lather and clean your baseball glove before and after each season.  You can also use it after a really dirty/dusty game or tournament. Use the conditioner regularly (apply with soft rag or by hand) to help your glove bounce back from those six-game weekends.


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Ball Player's Balm Pro Baseball Glove Conditioner


Ball Players Balm Glove Cleaner


Ball Players Balm Horse Hair Brush

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Ball Player’s Balm Glove Cleaner

Ball Player’s Balm is the best baseball glove cleaner I’ve found.  It is made with all natural ingredients that are designed to gently and effectively clean your ball glove. It is safe to use on all parts of your Baseball glove or Softball glove including labels, laces, and stitching.  Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

Ball Player’s Balm Hog Hair Brush

This brush is the go-to brush at Glovehound. Hog’s hair is stiffer than horse hair which makes it perfect for cleaning hard-working baseball gloves. It works up a great lather and loosens the tough dirt without damaging the leather.  I recommend this brush, because it the one I use to clean every baseball glove I work on.

Ball Player’s Balm Pro Glove Conditioner

This excellent baseball glove conditioner has quickly become the industry standard for players and baseball glove repairmen alike. It is a fantastic blend for use bothduring the playing season and the off-season.  Whether your baseball glove is brand new or a one-of-a kind classic mitt, this stuff works like a charm.