Restoring Gloves to Their Former Glory Since 2019

Hi, my name is Ethan. Since 2019 I have been breathing new life into gloves both old and new. I’ve done everything from client’s grandfather’s gloves that predate the 50’s to repairing a young player’s gloves that busted a lace in a game earlier that day.

My goal is to show the baseball community how to make their gloves last as long as possible. I want to not only fix broken baseball gloves but also show people how to properly maintain their gloves.

Our Story

I played baseball my whole life, but it wasn’t until junior high and high school that I started to take notice of the gloves that my teammates and I had. I was fascinated by all the different colors, patterns, and materials.

What got me hooked on baseball gloves was the Wilson Glove Day YouTube videos. I could sit there for hours and listen to pros and Wilson employees talk about baseball gloves.

The next log to feed the fire was 44 Pro Gloves. They have a full glove customizer on their website. My friends and I used to send each other dozens of gloves that we had customized, hoping to someday be able to afford them.

After watching some YouTube videos, I decided to try to relace my own glove. Pretty soon I was buying cheap gloves from the antique store and borrowing my buddies’ gloves just to get some practice in.

I set up a website and pretty soon, people from all over the country were contacting me, asking for help with their gloves.

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach baseball players how to properly care for their gloves to make them last as long as possible. I’ve received so many gloves that have issues that could have been prevented if the owner had just cared for them properly. I want to educate players, both former and current so that their gloves can become family heirlooms to pass down through generations.


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